Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The month of Ramadhan is fast approaching. I would like to wish all Muslim readers of this blog a happy and fruitful Ramadhan. May the upcoming month of Ramadhan bring us closer to our creator and make us more conscious of His blessings.

USIM students will start Ramadhan with their loved ones because of the mid-term break. They will then come back for four weeks of classes before they take another one week break for Eidulfitri. This makes the semester very well balanced between classes and breaks.

The semester started on 6 July for six weeks followed by a one week break and then four more weeks of classes during the month of Ramadhan and after one week break for Eidulfitri classes will carry on for four more weeks before the exam break and finally the exams (6-4-4). So students should be very well prepared for the upcoming exams and thus perform much better than the previous semesters.

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