Thursday, October 22, 2009

Visit to ETIQA

Yesterday (21 October 2009) the third year students of the Actuarial Science and Risk Management (ASRM) program at USIM visited ETIQA Insurance and Takaful in Bangsar. They were welcomed by the management of ETIQA and given briefings on the actuarial and risk management aspects of insurance and takaful.

Thank you ETIQA for the contributions to enriching the knowledge of ASRM students at USIM. Thank you Mr. Nik Rahmat, Head of Takaful Corporate Actuarial for your explanation on the role of actuaries in family takaful. Thank you Mr. Rudie Erman, Head of Risk Management for explaining the various aspects of risk management and how ETIQA view risk management. Thank you Mr. Effendy Norazman, Head of Non-Life Corporate Actuarial for highlighting the importance of actuarial science in general insurance and takaful.

There is a lot of opportunities for actuarial science and risk management graduates from USIM to be involved in the fields of risk management and general insurance and takaful. So there is no reason for them not to work hard at their studies because the world out there need their expertise very much.

Once again I would like to thank ETIQA for their willingness to accommodate a group of eager USIM students and look forward to more cooperation between USIM and ETIQA especially in the areas of actuarial science, risk management and general insurance and takaful.

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