Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Semester

The new semester has started at USIM and this time I will be busier than before. There are ten students who will be doing their project papers under me with titles from mortality rates for diabetes to designing syariah-compliant life annuities. The students presented their proposals last Friday and I have asked each of them to present a more detailed proposal next Friday.

What strikes me most last Friday was that the students kept pronouncing the word "determine" as "deter" and "mine", and not "deter" and "min" as I learned in school before. I wonder where they got this pronunciation from. It is not specific to the current group of senior students. Previous students also used the same pronunciation. I would be very pleased if others can comment on this.


Fadzil said...

This is a common wrong-doing that happened among USIM's students...students do not have iniciative to check the pronounciation in the dictionary...although we've technology to pronounce-it-right in the internet. In addition, there're no atmosphere of communicating in English among students make us worse in detecting/correcting the fault of english prononunciation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I'm not USIM's student. Sorry to disturb.I agree that it is a common wrong-doing. But, the other common mistake is to use the word "pronounciation" instead of pronunciation. The right word is pronunciation is it?

Mohamad Ali Hassan said...

Anonymous: Thank you very much for your comment. I suppose I am guilty of one of the many mistakes in using the English language. For those who want to know more about these errors please refer to the following website:
There are hundreds of common mistakes highlighted in the book referred to in this website. Yes, the right spelling of the noun for pronounce is "pronunciation" - English language is strange isn't it?

Ahnaf Adnan said...

English or any other languages are not just for learning but compulsory for scholars to use it and practice in daily.Pronunciation is the significant part in speaking ability to make the audience understand what we are talking about.