Monday, September 5, 2011

Noramfaizul 'was insured'

The news article mentioned that "all Bernama employees were covered by term life and personal accident insurance policies which were applicable worldwide". This would mean that Allahyarham Noramfaizul was covered by term life and personal accident insurance policies. I hope the term insurance policy does not have an exclusion clause for death by shooting in a war zone which normally is included in most policies. Also can this death be considered as death due to an accident? If the said exclusion clause is included in the term life policy and the death is not considered as an accident, then the family of the deceased will not be able to claim any benefit from both the policies mentioned. So it is necessary that other forms of compensation be considered. SOCSO should provide compensation for death while in the course of employment. Other than that, BERNAMA itself must provide some form of compensation. If the compensations provided are not enough, Malaysians need to pitch in and donate to provide much needed finance for the wife and children of the deceased Allahyarham Noramfaizul. The need is a long-term one and must be looked into immediately.


Anonymous said...

fyi bernama covered under group personal accident takaful with takaful ikhlas. fyi also it is excluded under war risk general exclusion. but takaful ikhlas will pay under exgratia..

Mohamad Ali Hassan said...

Thank you anonymous for the information and Takaful Ikhlas for the concern. I just wonder from which fund the "exgratia" payment is made. If it is from the general takaful fund, shouldn't the participants be asked first whether they agree to the payment? Perhaps it is from the shareholders' fund.