Friday, September 30, 2011

A 4D windfall, then a death

This news has been reported in many local newspapers. The gamblers who won decided to enjoy by drinking and getting themselves drunk. In the end, a tragedy resulted and I consider this as a way for Allah to remind people not to participate in gambling activities.

Alcoholic drinks and gambling are two very serious crimes in Islam and thus no one should even try to get near them. However there are many schemes that are not considered gambling but seems like gambling. I, personally consider that any scheme where you are entitled to get a substantial amount of money or can make huge monetary gains through a lucky draw should be regarded as gambling and there are many such schemes being run. Islamic scholars should study the issues of gambling very seriously and then alert Muslims to stay away from such practices.

BUTTERWORTH: An outing by five friends to celebrate their 4-digit winnings ended in tragedy when the car they were in plunged into the sea near the Bagan Dalam wharf early yesterday.

Four of them swam to safety, but the 24-year-old driver is believed to have drowned in the 12.45am incident.

His body has yet to be recovered as it is believed to have been swept away by strong currents.

It is learnt that the five -- aged between 24 and 53 -- from Tikam Batu, Kedah, had spent the evening at a nightspot in Bukit Mertajam before the accident occurred.

Deputy Seberang Prai Utara police chief Superintendent Mohd Shukri Awang said initial investigations showed the group had partied at the nightspot after two of them had a windfall in a 4D draw.

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