Monday, August 11, 2008

Actuarial Science and Risk Management Program at USIM

This program took its first batch of students in July 2005. There are now 27 students in this group. They will be graduating in May 2009 after undergoing a six months period of industrial training starting this December. The uniqueness of this graduating batch of students is that they have to undergo a 4 years degree program rather than the normal 3 years actuarial science degree programs at other universities. They would be proficient in Engllish as well as Arabic languages and did quite a bit of advanced Islamic studies.

With their background, I would consider them to be very useful in Islamic Financial institutions when they graduate. What they need now is some confidence in themselves so that they can convince the potential employers. This is what is usually lacking in students from rural backgrounds and I hope it will not be taken against them when they apply for jobs later on. I am hoping that the final year will give them this added confidence.

I am also hoping that some of them will be brave enough to apply for jobs overseas, especially in the middle east. This would be a moral booster for the juniors and prospective applicants from the schools.

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