Friday, August 15, 2008

KTM Commuter Train

On the way back from USIM Actuarial Science students' visit to Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad, I took the commuter train. I also took the train to Kuala Lumpur from my house in Shah Alam. This way I did not have to worry about traffic jams and parking my car. Furthermore, with the price of petrol now, this sounds like a very smart move.

The journey took about 40 minutes but if you add the time taken to walk to the station and then from the station to my house, it takes almost 1 hour. This is the same time that I take to go to work from my house to USIM everyday. So working in Nilai does not take more time than working in Kuala Lumpur but it costs more in terms of depreciation of the car, petrol, and toll.

In the train an announcement was made to inform passengers 30 seconds before arriving at a station. For example, the announcement in English was "We are arriving at Angkasapuri station", followed by the announcement in Malay, "Kita telah tiba di stesyen Angkasapuri." I agree that both announcements are right but they are not the translation of each other. A visitor to our country who does not understand Malay might not notice the difference between "we are arriving" and "kita telah tiba", but this would not be good for students who are studying the English Language.

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